Prostate Cancer Photos

This page features a selection of photographs showing prostate cancer at various stages of development. These images include photos & scans of the prostate gland and other parts of the body where the cancer has spread.

Please Note: It is possible that some visitors will search for photos of prostate cancer with the intention of comparing any signs and symptoms they have with those indicated in these images.

It must be noted that prostate cancer (particularly in its early first stage) usually has no visible signs. Most signs and symptoms of prostate cancer are internal and are felt rather than seen. Any visible signs are usually detected by surgery or image scans (such as MRI and CT) which 'look inside' the body.

It is only during the final stage of prostate cancer, in which cancer has spread to other areas of the body that any visible signs may be shown. These signs could take the form of lesions or lumps (tumors) under the skin.

When prostate cancer spreads away from the primary area (prostate gland) it is often the bones which are affected; a common symptom at the final stage 4 is pain in the bones and joints.

These photos are for visitor interest and not for self diagnosis. Please consult with a doctor if you have any health concerns.