Prostate Cancer Pictures

A selection of images and pictures of prostate cancer which represent different aspects of this disease. Pictures within this section include diagrams, various scans and photographs of the prostate gland.

Please Note: There is a possibility that some visitors may be looking for pictures of prostate cancer so they can 'self diagnose' from any visual signs or symptoms they have.

However, the signs and symptoms of prostate cancer are usually internal and are felt rather than seen from the outside of the body. The majority of these images are of prostate cancer which have been taken following surgery, or they have been created by scanning equipment which 'looks inside' the body.

Only at the final stage, stage 4, may there be noticeable visual symptoms on the body, typically lesions and lumps underneath the skin, and these could be due to other conditions.

Often, early stage prostate cancer is discovered not by visual symptoms on the outer body, but when a surgeon is performing surgery for other matters within the body. These pictures are for interest & can't be used for diagnosis. Please consult a doctor if you are concerned about your health.