Mental Health Week 2014

Mon 12th May - Sun 18th May 2014

United Kingdom

This Event Begins In 26 Days Time

Founded in 2001, Mental Health Week is a UK event supported by the Mental Health Foundation.

The aim of this week is to educate the public about mental health issues and to promote better mental health. This event is also a vehicle to raise funds for the Mental Health Foundation.

The Mental Health Foundation is a UK charity which supports research into mental health issues, promotes better mental health, campaigns to reduce the stigma and discrimination surrounding mental health, and develops better mental health services.

Mental Health Week Details

Coverage United Kingdom
Month May
Duration 1 Week
Date 12th May -
18th May 2014
Days To Event 26 Days
Organization Mental Health Foundation
How Is Date Set?  Set each year
Comment 2014 confirmed 
Event Page/Website

A theme is often set which provides a focus for the week. Over the years, themes have included exercise, alcohol, friendship, fear, anger and loneliness. Each of these topics can affect mental health.

The theme for 2013 is physcial activity and wellbeing.

A Woman Running

The aim is to raise awareness that physical activity can promote better mental health and wellbeing. Whilst many people recognize activity and exericse can bring physical health benefits, mental health benefits are often overlooked. 

Most people can do some form of exercise and it doesn't have to be intense aerobic exercise like running. Even gentle exercise such as walking can improve mental health and wellbeing. If physical activity includes exercise with others then mental health benefits may be enhanced through social contact. 


The Mental Health Foundation may provide a fundraising pack for those who wish to get involved.

To promote this event and other fundraising activities throughout the year, resources including balloons, posters and leaflets may also be available upon request.


For more information please visit:  Mental Health Week 2013