December 2014 Health Observances

a red awareness ribbon

Health awareness events create publicity for a health issue and aim to improve and help save lives. Sometimes these events encourage preventative action against conditions becoming more serious. For example, many cancer campaigns focus on early detection which is often crucial for treatment success.

These events can also provide a focus for fund raising efforts, with money raised supporting those in need and funding further research into the condition or health issue concerned.

The awareness lists at What Health were first created about 10 years ago. Over time many of these events have grown to become significant national or international observances. The growth and success of awareness campaigns are reflected by the large variety of awareness ribbons and wrist bands currently available.[cont'd]

Days - December 2014 Current Health Events

National and international health awareness days for December 2014
Event Date Nation Organization Comments
World AIDS Day Mon 1st Dec 2014
[Begins In 222 Days]
Worldwide World AIDS Day Same Date Each Year  
International Day of Persons with Disabilities Wed 3rd Dec 2014
[Begins In 224 Days]
Worldwide United Nations Same Date Each Year  

Where possible dates are set to automatically update.

Help keep these observance dates current by contacting me if you believe a given organization has set a new date for their next event.

To recommend a national or international health awareness event to be added to the list please contact me.

Please note that an observance is more likely to be included if it is a reoccuring annual event which is supported or sponsored by a reputable organization.