April 2016 Health Awareness Events

Awareness Months For April 2016

Awareness Event Nation Organization Comments
Cesarean Awareness Month Worldwide International Cesarean Awareness Network
Begins In 50 Days
IBS Awareness Month Worldwide IFFGD
Begins In 50 Days
National Autism Awareness Month United States Austism Society
Begins In 50 Days
National Oral Health Month Canada Canadian Dental Association
Begins In 50 Days
Parkinson's Awareness Month Canada Parkinson Society Canada
Begins In 50 Days
Primary Immunodeficiency Awareness Month United States Immune Deficiency Foundation
Begins In 50 Days
Sarcoidosis Awareness Month Worldwide National Sarcoidosis Organization
Begins In 50 Days

Awareness Weeks For April 2016

Awareness Event Date Nation Organization Comments
National Public Health Week Mon 4th Apr - Sun 10th Apr 2016
Begins In 53 Days
United States American Public Health Association First Monday Of April
Parkinson's Awareness Week Mon 18th Apr - Sun 24th Apr 2016
Begins In 67 Days
United Kingdom Parkinson's UK Date Set Each Year:
2016 Date Confirmed
Allergy Awareness Week Wed 20th Apr - Tue 26th Apr 2016
Begins In 69 Days
United Kingdom Allergy UK Date Set Each Year:
2015 confirmed
National Infant Immunization Week Tue 26th Apr - Tue 3rd May 2016
Begins In 75 Days
United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Date Set Each Year:
2014 confirmed

Awareness Days For April 2016

Awareness Event Date Nation Organization Comments
World Health Day Thu 7th Apr 2016
Begins In 56 Days
Worldwide World Health Organization Same Date Each Year
National Alcohol Screening Day Sat 9th Apr 2016
Begins In 58 Days
United States Screening for Mental Health Date Set Each Year:
2015 Confirmed
World Parkinson's Day Mon 11th Apr 2016
Begins In 60 Days
Worldwide European Parkinson's Disease Assocation Same Date Each Year
World Hemophilia Day Sun 17th Apr 2016
Begins In 66 Days
Worldwide World Federation of Hemophilia Same Date Each Year

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