Herpes Support Groups

The Development of Herpes Support Groups

The US-based American Social Health Association (ASHA) was the first major support and advocacy group dealing with the issues of herpes and other sexually transmitted diseases. It was founded as the American Social Hygiene Association in 1914, changing its name to the American Social Health Association in 1960. In 1979, ASHA formed the Herpes Resource Centre (HRC) which focuses on increasing education, public awareness and support for anyone concerned about herpes. The HRC offers a number of services including the National Herpes Hotline, which receives more than 60,000 calls a year.

The International Herpes Management Forum (IHMF), founded in 1993, is a unique initiative established to improve the awareness, understanding, counselling and management of herpesvirus infections. It is headed by a Board of clinicians and draws its direction from international opinion leaders in all aspects of medical management of herpesvirus infections. Key activities include an Annual Meeting, the development and distribution of Management Guidelines and the publication of Herpes, an international, peer-reviewed journal.

The International Herpes Alliance (IHA) was launched in December 1999 as a non-profit making organisation offering support and information to those with genital herpes, those helping to manage the condition and national patient support groups around the world. The IHA is involved in a number of activities, including the development of internationally relevant patient information about herpes that is available free of charge in a number of languages and can be adapted for regional use. With the support of the IHMF and the IHA, patient advocacy groups have been emerging throughout the world, offering much-needed support and information to people affected by genital herpes.

Australia - Herpes Support Groups

Brisbane HRC Group

P.O.Box 2161
Wellington Point
Brisbane 4160
Tel: (7) 382 236 79

Gold Coast Herpes Friends

PO Box 674
Q 4212
Tel: 0414 074 874

Melbourne Herpes Self Help Group (MHSHG)

P.O.Box 1044H
Victoria 3001
Tel: (7) 382 236 79

Perth Herpes Support Group

W.I.S.H Building
335-337 Pier Street
East Perth

South Australia Herpes Group

PO Box 3039
Port Adelaide
SA 5015
Tel: 0409 168 661 / 0408 824 906

Sydney HELP

Sydney Sexual Health Centre
A.P.O. Box 1614
New South Wales 2001
Tel: (2) 382-7440

The Sydney Group

PO Box 149
NSW 2156
Email: [email protected]

France - Herpes Support Groups

l´Association Herpès

5 Avenue Bertie Albrecht

Mexico - Herpes Support Groups

Mexico City HELP AYUDA

Apart Do Postal 105-261
Mexico D.F. 11560
Tel: (52) 5 230 3030 Mexico

New Zealand - Herpes Support Groups

New Zealand Herpes Foundation (NZHF)

C.P.O. Box 2437
New Zealand
Tel: 0508 111 213

South Africa - Herpes Support Groups

Cape Town HELP32

Bathurstroad Kenilworth
7700 Cape Town
South Africe

Sweden - Herpes Support Groups

Svenska Herpesföreningen

c/o Anki Tholén
Bergdalen 2019
760 10 Bergshamra

The Netherlands - Herpes Support Groups

Herpes Informatie & Support Organisatie

Postbus 4343
2003 EH Haarlem
The Netherlands

United Kingdom - Herpes Support Groups

Herpes Viruses Association

41 North Road
London N22 7TQ
United Kingdom
Tel:44 (0) 20 7609 9061 Website: