United States Herpes Support Groups

Alabama Herpes Support Groups

Birmingham Help

Jefferson County Department of Health
1400 6th Ave South, Birmingham Alabama 35233
United States
Tel: (205) 933-9110

Gulf Coast HELP

Gulf Coast Help c/o Planned Parenthood
107 N. Ann Street
Alabama 36604-2218
United States
Tel: (334) 432-3211

Montgomery Area Help
c\o Planned Parenthood

2415-G East South Boulevard
Alabama 36116
United States
Tel: (334) 834-2827 or 281-8561

Alaska Herpes Support Groups

Fairbanks HELP

United States
Tel: (907) 490-6466

Arizona Herpes Support Groups

Phoenix Valley HELP Group

P.O. Box 16734
Arizona 85011-6734
United States
Tel: (602) 867 6613

Arkansas Herpes Support Groups

Arkansas Herpes Online Support Group
If you know of Herpes Support Group in Arkansas please contact us.

California Herpes Support Groups

Los Angeles HELP 9

P.O. Box 211
Santa Monica
California 90401
United States
Tel: (907) 490-6466

Northern California HELP

Solano Clinical Research
United States
Tel: (530) 757-7797 Davis Group
     or (707) 643-5785 Vallejo Group

Orange County HELP

P.O. Box 4326
California 92613
United States
Tel:(949) 753-2580

Sacramento HELP

Rancho Cordova
California 95741-1817
United States
Tel: (916) 557-8733

San Diego City HELP

P.O. Box 82143
San Diego
CA 92138-2143
United States
Tel: (619) 491 1194

San Francisco HELP

St. Mary's Hospital
450 Stanyan St
3-East Conference Room
San Francisco
United States
Tel: (650) 387-4784
(group meets every
3rd Weds. each month from 7:30pm)

Santa Rosa HELP c/o Marsha Lose

R.N. Community Hospital
3325 Chanate Road Santa Rosa
California 95404
United States
Tel: (707) 573-8442 or (707) 576-4307

South Bay HELP

P.O. Box 4225 Mt. View
California 94040
United States
Tel: (408) 296-1444

Valley HELP

P.O. Box 8252 Mission Hills California 91346-8252
United States
Tel: (818) 377-3271

Colorado Herpes Support Groups

Colorado H Friends

United States
email: [email protected]

Metro Denver HELP

United States
Tel: (303) 806-8396

Connecticut Herpes Support Groups

Fairfield & Westchester County Help c/o HealthGain

United States
Tel: 203) 975-2451

Fairfield County HELP

Complete Wellness Connection
Greenwich Hospital
United States
Tel: (203) 863-4444

Manchester HELP

Attn: Annie Ryan
RN 755 Shennecossett Road Groton
United States
Tel: Annie: (860) 445-5863
   Mark:(860) 651-6653
   Susan:(860) 666-0075

Stratford Help
c/o Stratford Health

Department 1000 West Broad St.
Connecticut 06497
United States
Tel: (203) 385-4056

Delaware Herpes Support Groups

Delaware HELP

Help of Delaware c/o Omega Medical Center
15-K Omega Drive, Newark
Delaware 19713
United States
Tel: (302) 368-9625

District of Columbia Herpes Support Groups

HELP of Washington

P.O. Box 7571
District of Columbia 20044
United States
Tel: (301) 369 7655

Florida Herpes Support Groups

Broward and Palm Beach HELP

P.O. Box 77-1604
Coral Springs
Florida 33077
United States
Tel: (954) 896-9788

Central Florida HELP

1436 Azalea Avenue Casselberry
Florida 32707
United States
Tel: (407) 263-5347

Herpes/HPV support group

Planned Parenthood of Sarasota
1958 Prospect Street
United States
Tel: 941-955-1860 ext.17
Meets third Thursday of each month between 7-9pm

Florida Herpes Support Group

United States
Tel: (407) 263-5347

Gainsville HELP

Gainesville Help c/o Planned Parenthood
Florida 32601
United States
Tel: (352) 376-9000

Jacksonville Area Help
C/O Planned Parenthood of N.E. FL Inc

3850 Beach Blvd.
Florida 32207
United States
Tel: (904) 399-2800

Naples Help

P.O. Box 11073
Florida 34101
United States

Tampa Bay HELP (2 Groups)

Clearwater Group / Tampa Bay Group
United States
Tel: (813) 677-1633

Georgia Herpes Support Groups

Atlanta HELP

P.O. Box 19673 Atlanta
Geogia 30325
United States
Tel: (404) 294-6364

Idaho Herpes Support Groups

Boise HELP

Boise Help c/o Planned Parenthood
6111 Clinton
Idaho 83704
United States
Tel: (208) 376-9300

Illinois Herpes Support Groups

Chicago HELP

Educational Group
P.O. Box 2351
United States
Tel: (773) 660-0416

Indiana Herpes Support Groups

Fort Wayne HELP

Fort Wayne
United States
Tel: (219) 481-2890

Indianapolis HELP

United States
Tel: (317) 259-6129

Michigan HELP

Michiana Indiana Help
c/o Planned Parenthood of
North central Indiana
201 South Chapin Street
South Bend Indiana
United States
Tel: (219) 289-7062

Southern Indiana HELP

United States
Tel: (765) 785-9215

Iowa Herpes Support Groups

Des Moines HELP

Des Moines
United States
Tel: (800) 647-5093

Kansas Herpes Support Groups

Kansas City HELP

Antioch Room
1st Floor Health Services Pavilion
North Kansas City Hospital
2800 Clay Edwards Dr
North Kansas City
United States
Tel: (913) 599 9715

Kentucky Herpes Support Groups

Lexington HELP

Lexington Planned Parenthood
United States
Tel: (606) 255-0385

Louisiana Herpes Support Groups

New Orleans HELP

NOHG P.O. Box 55811
Louisiana 70055
United States
Tel: 504-568-2937

Maine Herpes Support Groups

Maine HELP

Central Maine Help c/o Midcoast Hospital
58 Baribeau Drive
Maine 04011
United States
Tel: (207) 729-0181 ext 358

Maine HELP

Maine Help c/o City of Bangor STD Clinic
103 Texas Avenue
Maine 04401
United States
Tel: (207) 947-0700

Maryland Herpes Support Groups

Baltimore HELP

P.O. Box 22889
Maryland 21203
United States
Tel: (410) 880-3821

Washington HELP

Help of Washington
P.O. Box 4342
Maryland 20849
United States
Tel: (407) 263-5347

Massachusetts Herpes Support Groups

Boston HELP

P.O. Box 1027
Back Bay Annex Boston
Massachusetts 02117-1027
United States
Tel: (781) 648-4266

Merrimack Valley HELP

Holy Family Hospital
70 East Street Methuen
Massachusetts 01844
United States
Tel: (978) 687-0156 Ex. 2432

Michigan Herpes Support Groups

Grand Rapids HELP

P.O. Box 321
Michigan 49422
United States
Tel: (616) 247-7376 or (616) 252-4900

Lansing HELP

Lansing HELP c/o Womancare
3401 E. Saginaw Suite 107
Michigan 48912
United States
Tel: (517) 337-7350

Metro Detroit HELP

P.O. Box 8096
Michigan 48021
United States
Tel: 586-447-2699

Traverse City HELP

Traverse City
United States
Tel: (800) 442-7315

Washtenaw County HELP

P.O. Box 121
Michigan 48376-0121
United States
Tel: 248-788-5816

Minnesota Herpes Support Groups

Twin Cities HELP (Minneapolis/St. Paul)

Meetings: 4th Wednesday each month (except Holidays) 7pm to 9pm
Minnesota residents (only) may call toll-free
Tel: (800) 78-FACTS None

Twin Cities Friends
TC Friends (voicemail): (877) 356-5117

Mississippi Herpes Support Groups

We do not have any details for herpes support groups in Mississippi.
If you know of a Herpes Support Group in Mississippi please contact us.

Missouri Herpes Support Groups

Kansas City HELP

Kansas City
United States
Tel: (913) 599-9715

Ozarks HELP

United States
Tel: (417) 875-6424

St Louis HELP

P.O. Box 9167
Richmond Heights
Missouri 63117
United States
Tel: (636) 230-2288

Montana Herpes Support Groups

We do not have any details for herpes support groups in Montana.
If you know of a Herpes Support Group in Montana please contact us.

Nebraska Herpes Support Groups

Omaha Help Planned Parenthood

Board Room East Door
4610 Dodge Street
Nebraska 68132
United States
Tel: 402/895-1484

Omaha HELP

Brookside Church
11607 M Circle
Nebraska 68137
United States
Tel: 402/895-1484

Nevada Herpes Support Groups

Northern Nevada Friends


Southern Nevada HELP

Student Health Center - UNLV
4505 Maryland Parkway
Las Vegas
Nevada 89154-3020
United States
Tel: (702) 895-0199

New Hampshire Herpes Support Groups

New Hampshire Herpes Online Support Group
If you know of Herpes Support Group in New Hampshire please contact us.

New Jersey Herpes Support Groups

Central New Jersey HELP

P.O. Box 1633
Toms River
New Jersey 08753
United States
Tel: (732) 270 4680

Middlesex County HELP

Middlesex County Help c/o Middlesex Co. Health Dept.
928 Livingston Avenue
North Brunswick
New Jersey 08902
United States
Tel: (713) 745 4100

Northern New Jersey HELP

P.O. Box 41
New Jersey 08835
United States
Tel: (908) 707 4651

South Jersey HELP

New Jersey
United States
Tel: (609) 748 2518 or (609) 748 6239

New Mexico Herpes Support Groups

We do not have any details for herpes support groups in New Mexico.
If you know of a Herpes Support Group in New Mexico please contact us.

New York Herpes Support Groups

New York HELP Group

P.O. Box 1082
New York
NY 10028
United States
Tel: (212) 628 9154

Not Alone With H

518 West Seneca Street
New York 14850
United States

Syracuse HELP

Syracuse Help c/o Planned Parenthood
1120 E. Genesee Street
New York 13210
United States

Westchester HELP

P.O. Box 57
New York 10533
United States

North Carolina Herpes Support Groups

Capital HELP

Capital HELP c/o Planned Parenthood
100 S. Boylan Avenue
North Carolina 27603
United States
Tel: (919) 833 7534

Charlotte HELP

Charlotte Help c/o Carolina Women´s Clinic
2711 Randolph Road Suite 208
North Carolina 28207
United States
Tel: (704) 556 6838

Coastal HELP

Coastal Help c/o Planned Parenthood
North Carolina
United States
Tel: (910) 762 5566

Mountain HELP

Mountain Area Health Education Center
North Carolina
United States
Tel: (212) 628 9154

Triad HELP

Triad Help c/o Carolina Women's Clinic
Planned Parenthood of NC-West
1704 Battleground Avenue
North Carolina 27408
United States
Tel: (336) 379 8778

Triad HELP

Triad Help c/o Guilford County Dept. of Public Health
Planned Parenthood of Greensboro
North Carolina
United States
Tel: (336) 641 4699

Wayne County HELP

North Carolina
United States
Tel: (919) 734 3563

North Dakota Herpes Support Groups

North Dakota Herpes Online Support Group
If you know of Herpes Support Group in North Dakota please contact us.

Ohio Herpes Support Groups

Cincinnati HELP

United States
Tel: (513) 557 3435

Columbus HELP

1359 E. Cooke Road
Ohio 43224
United States
Tel: (513) 557 3435

Dayton HELP

Wright State University - Ellis Institute
9 North Edwin C. Moses Blvd.
Ohio 45407
United States
Tel: (937) 775 4300

Toledo HELP

P.O. Box 148218
Ohio 43614
United States
Tel: (419) 225 1123

Oklahoma Herpes Support Groups

Green County HELP

United States
Tel: (918) 476 5082

Oklahoma City HELP

Oklahoma City Help c/o Planned Parenthood
619 N.W. 23rd Street
Oklahoma City
Oklahoma 73103-1415
United States
Tel: (405) 528 0221

Tulsa HELP

c/o Planned Parenthood
United States
Tel: (918) 587 1101

Oregon Herpes Support Groups

Portland Area HELP

United States
Tel: (503) 727 2640

Pennsylvania Herpes Support Groups

Philadelphia HELP

United States
Tel: (610) 896 9601

Tri State Help

1323 Forbes Avenue Suite 200
Pennsylvania 15219
United States
Tel: (412) 578 2450

Pittsburgh Support group

The Tri State Help
United States
Tel: (412) 341-8920

Rhode Island Herpes Support Groups

Providence HELP

Providence Help c/o Family Services Inc.
55 Hope Street
Rhode Island 02906
United States
Tel: (401) 331-1350

South Carolina Herpes Support Groups

Columbia HELP Support group

P.O. Box 210472
South Carolina 29221-0472
United States
Tel: (803) 781 5280

Grand Strand HELP

Myrtle Beach
South Carolina
United States
Tel: (843) 445 2871

Low Country HELP

Low Country Help
c/o Planned Parenthood of South Carolina
3901A Main Street
Hilton Head
South Carolina 2996
United States
Tel: (803) 341 5070

Tri County Help

P.O. Box 1997
Mt. Pleasant
South Carolina 29465
United States
Tel: (803) 884 7333

South Dakota Herpes Support Groups

We do not have any details for herpes support groups in South Dakota.
If you know of a Herpes Support Group in South Dakota please contact us.

Tennessee Herpes Support Groups

Chattanooga HELP

United States
Tel:(800) 999 6710 ID # 990-0144

Knoxville Help

5401 Kingston Pike Suite 540
Tennessee 37919
United States
Tel:(423) 588 7598

Texas Herpes Support Groups

Austin HELP

Texas 78764-3583
United States
Tel: (512) 247-5551

Dallas HELP

P.O. Box 795954
Texas 75379-5954
United States
Tel: (214) 745 1215

Fort Worth HELP

Fort Worth Help c/o Planned Parenthood
1555 Merrimac Circle Suite 200
Fort Worth
Texas 76107
United States
Tel: (817) 882 1155

Frontera HELP

Frontera Help c/o Planned Parenthood
United States
Tel: (956) 425 7526

Houston HELP

United States
Tel: (866) 841-9139 x 2551 (toll-free)

Lubbock-Amarillo HELP

United States
Tel: (806) 293 9500

North Texas HELP

North Texas Help c/o Planned Parenthood of North Texas
United States
Tel: (817) 276 8063

San Antonio HELP

San Antonio Help c/o Planned Parenthood
104 Babcock Road
San Antonio
Texas 78201
United States
Tel: (210) 989 0104

Utah Herpes Support Groups

Herpes Specialists in Utah

Salt Lake City HELP

Division of Infectious Diseases
Room 4B322 School of Medicine
University of Utah
50 North Medical Drive
Salt Lake City
Utah 84132
United States

Vermont Herpes Support Groups

We do not have any details for herpes support groups in Vermont.
If you know of a Herpes Support Group in Vermont please contact us.

Virginia Herpes Support Groups

Rappahannock HELP

United States
Tel: (540) 371 0934

Richmond HELP

c/o Fan Free Clinic
United States
Tel: (804) 358 6343

Washington Herpes Support Groups

Seattle HELP

Mercer Island
United States
Tel: (206) 344 2539

West Virginia Herpes Support Groups

North central West Virginia HELP

Monongalia County Health Dept.
453 Van Vorhis Road
West Virginia 26505
United States
Tel: (304) 293 6972

Wisconsin Herpes Support Groups

No Listed Support Groups At Present - If you would like your support group listed here please contact us.

Wyoming Herpes Support Groups

We do not have any details for herpes support groups in Wyoming.
If you know of a Herpes Support Group in Wyoming please contact us.