CoQ10 Supplements

CoQ10 supplements are available in a number of forms

  • tablets
  • capsules – hard shelled capsules, powder filled capsules or oil based softgels for improved absorption
  • oral sprays

CoQ10 may also be added to some cosmetics.

Recommended dosage levels may vary between suppliers of CoQ10 supplements; there is no official dosage for CoQ10.

CoQ10 supplements may be of benefit to people with conditions linked to low levels of CoQ10 or they may be taken as an antioxidant for general health benefits (see also benefits of CoQ10).

The Absorption Of CoQ10 Supplements

Manufacturers of CoQ10 supplements often focus on increasing the absorption and bioavailability of CoQ10 supplements to increase their effectiveness. Bioavailability refers to the degree a substance is taken up by the body.

Oil based supplements can increase CoQ10 bioavailability [4]; as CoQ10 is more soluble in lipids, which include oils, more is taken up or absorbed by the body. In recent times, some CoQ10 supplements have been formulated to increase water solubility.

More CoQ10 Research Is Needed

It is only since the 1980's that levels of CoQ10 in the blood and tissue has been able to be measured, increasing the momentum of research put forward. Despite the benefits of CoQ10, which mostly require further research to substantiate claims, CoQ10 as a health supplement is still relatively unknown by the general public.

Awareness Of CoQ10

Public awareness of CoQ10 is limited partly due to CoQ10 being a naturally occurring substance. CoQ10 can not be patented.

It does not make commercial sense for CoQ10 supplements to be developed, manufactured & marketed by large pharmaceutical corporations without patent protection from competition.

Despite this, CoQ10 is increasing in popularity as more people turn to naturally occurring supplements to use alongside, or as an alternative to traditional medicine.

Since its discovery, most commercial sources of CoQ10 supplements have been made in Japan and then distributed to supplement companies around the world.

However, due to increasing awareness and demand for CoQ10, more supplements are being manufactured in western countries. The Japanese company Kaneka, the worlds largest producer of CoQ10, has now begun manufacturing CoQ10 in the USA.