CoQ10 Side Effects

CoQ10 is generally well tolerated at doses recommended by manufacturers of CoQ10 supplements.

Any side effects from CoQ10 are usually of short duration and mild in nature. Side effects may include:

  • diarrhea
  • headache
  • irritability
  • nausea
  • vomiting
  • gastrointestinal disturbance (stomach upset)
  • insomnia

Safety Risks & Dangers

CoQ10 may cause itching or a rash; an adverse reaction of CoQ10 possibly allergic in nature.

CoQ10 may also cause a reduction in blood pressure and blood sugar level; diabetics and those who have hypoglycemia should be aware of this before taking a CoQ10 supplement and consult their doctor first.

9 research studies which have focused on CoQ10 and heart disease have confirmed its benefits for this condition and that it is safe to take [e.g. 24]. Taken alongside traditional medical treatments, the studies showed that CoQ10 improves the function of heart muscle with no drug interaction or adverse side effects.

CoQ10 Pregnancy & Breast Feeding

Due to limited research, it is advised that women who are pregnant or breastfeeding should not take supplements of CoQ10.

CoQ10 Dosage

CoQ10 & Dosage - the optimal intake of coenzyme Q10 from the diet is unknown and the capacity for CoQ10 to be absorbed may vary between individuals.

As a guide to dosage, CoQ10 taken as a general health supplement usually ranges from 30mg to 100mg a day. However, in some cases it may be as high as 300mg a day where it is being used for a health condition.

Seek advice from a doctor first if you are considering taking a CoQ10 supplement for a specific health condition.

Examples of variation in the recommended coenzyme q10 daily dose include:

  • – 30mg CoQ10, 1 tablet a day
  • – 100mg CoQ10, 1 tablet a day

CoQ10 & Absorption

CoQ10 appears to be better absorbed when taken in an oil based supplement, compared to a powered form [25]. Greater absorption may also occur when CoQ10 is taken with a meal containing some fat or oil based foods.

It should be noted that any beneficial effects from CoQ10 supplements are not usually immediate. It may take several weeks to experience any positive benefits from CoQ10 supplements.