Saw Palmetto Dosage

Like many herbal supplements, there is no official recommended dosage for saw palmetto and there is no known maximum dosage.

Saw palmetto berry extracts usually take the form of :

  • a liquid extract
  • a dried herb
  • capsules of saw palmetto berry powder

If saw palmetto supplements are taken with food, possible side effects including upset stomach may be avoided.

General Dosage Of Saw Palmetto

Dosage may vary with the purity of the extract.

Extracts of saw palmetto with higher purity contain about 85%-95% sterols and fatty acids from a 320mg daily dose. A reputable supplier should provide purity information. If the purity is mid range (eg about 45%) then a higher dose may be required.

As a guide to dosage of saw palmetto extract, the recommended doses from a couple of established suppliers are listed below.

  • Global Herbal Supplies – 1:2 fluid extract: 15ml to 30ml per week
  • Nature's Sunshine Saw Palmetto Extract - 2 x 550mg capsules taken twice daily with a meal

Saw Palmetto Dosage For BPH

The limited studies of benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) and saw palmetto , have typically used a dosage of 320mg per day.

A reduction in associated urinary symptoms of BPH following saw palmetto supplementation may be more likely, compared to a reduction in the size of prostate – there is a need for large long term clinical studies to confirm this.

It should also be noted that it may take weeks if not months for any noticeable effects to occur when treating a condition such as BPH; hence clinical studies should run for a long duration.