Rhodiola Rosea Dosage

Rhodiola rosea supplements are available in a number of forms:

  • capsules
  • powders
  • tablets
  • tea

At present, due to little research, a government body has not set a recommended dosage for Rhodiola rosea.

However, as an example of dosage, one supplier of 400mg capsules containing 3% rosavin, recommend taking 1 to 2 capsules a day.

Dosage will vary in accordance with:

  • the Rhodiola rosea compounds the supplement is standardized to
  • the form in which it is taken
  • suppliers advice

Therefore, read and follow the guidelines or instructions which come with the supplement.

Always go for quality supplements, (see also 'dangers of Rhodiola rosea'), and check the percent that the compounds are standardized to; 3% rosavins seems to be an accepted amount.

Rhodiola Rosea Supplements

Rhodiola rosea contains many compounds and it is thought that one or a combination of the following are behind these benefits:

  • tyrosol
  • salidrosides
  • rosarin
  • rosavin

The compounds are standardized and expressed as a percentage. Rosavins are the compounds which supplements are usually standardized to, with 3% rosavins being widely available.

Rosavins, or another active compound of Rhodiola rosea, may also feature as one of many ingredients of a multi herb supplement.

These types of supplements are usually branded and marketed as a supplement which promotes overall wellbeing.

Tip: Rhodiola rosea, when sold in powdered form, has a tendency to become hardened over time once its container is opened. This makes it harder to split into single servings.

When bought in powered form it would be prudent to buy quantities which will get used and not remain on the shelf for months or years on end.