Taurine Side Effects And Dangers

To date, taurine is generally considered safe.

There are no significant side effects or dangers from taking taurine as a health supplement.

In a 2003 survey, the European Food Standards Agency found no adverse effects from a 1000mg dosage of taurine.

The UK Food Standards agency has also found no evidence to support a ban on this ingrediant [17].

Taurine Supplements

Due to the benefits of taurine, there is an increasing market for taurine supplements.

Taurine & Vegetarians

Taurine supplements are of particular benefit to people with existing low levels of taurine.

For example, vegans (people who practice a diet devoid of meat and fish) have low levels of taurine as they do not tend to consume as many taurine rich sources of food.

Taurine Supplements For Health Conditions

Cancer patients who undergo radiation or chemotherapy treatments and patients fed intravenously for extended periods typically experience low levels of taurine. Supplements of taurine will help raise these levels.

There are anecdotal reports of taurine helping to alleviate migraines in ME/CFS patients.

Taurine & Body Builders

Taurine supplements are popular with body builders, athletes and other people who exercise.

Often available in powdered form, taurine is marketed and thought to:

  • act as a cell volumizer – the volume of the cells increase which draws more water into the cells along with nutrients. The nutrients assist growth and recovery
  • mimic the action of insulin - forces glucose into the cells which helps restore energy levels
  • acts as an inhibitory neurotransmitter – assists in stabilizing heart beat and regulating electrical activity of the nerves which can lead to improved sleep and focus when exercising
  • reduces muscle cramps by regulating calcium levels which are linked to muscle cramp

Taurine Dosage

Depending on the particular brand of supplement and its intended use, the recommended dosage levels of taurine are up to 5 grams daily.

However typical doses are usually lower than this.

One supplier of a taurine supplement recommends taking 1-3grams of taurine 30 minutes prior to work out to increase focus and 1-3grams of taurine 30 minutes before bed as a sleep aid.

Supplementing With Taurine – User Reviews & Feedback

A survey of users comments and reviews on taurine show overall positive comments about this supplement.

User feedback suggests taurine improves the quality of sleep which is often deeper. Better quality sleep helps reduce post workout / post exercise recovery time.

Users report they wake up less during the night and that whilst it may be harder to rise following sleep they have more focus when awake.

Some users experience fewer dreams suggesting a deep sleep state is achieved for longer whilst taking taurine. Dreaming is associated with a lighter sleep state. In others, dreams are reported to be more vivid.

Overall, taurine seems to improve focus on exercise providing increased motivation for the task in hand.

As a health supplement taurine is relatively inexpensive. With the doses of taurine which are usually taken, taurine has no known side effects.