VBeam Laser Treatment For Rosacea

What is VBeam laser treatment?

There are many different types of laser and light treatment products on the market used to treat the visible symptoms of skin conditions including rosacea.

One of the most popular branded laser treatments for rosacea is VBeam. VBeam uses a pulsed dye 595nm laser. VBeam is produced by the Candela corporation and is sold to dermatologists around the world.

The visible blood vessels underneath the skin associated with conditions such as rosacea and vascular lesions, give rise to dark areas which can be targeted by a filtered laser.

A non invasive technique, VBeam treatment involves targeting these darker areas with a laser whilst leaving the surrounding areas of lighter skin undamaged.

VBeam Laser

During treatment, the VBeam DCD (dynamic cooling device), sprays cryogen to cool the skin milliseconds before a pulsing laser targets the haemoglobin below the skin. This cooling helps protect the outer skin layer (epidermis) and reduces the risk of blistering and bruising (purpura).

Each pulse of the laser is brief lasting fractions of a second. The laser is directed manually by a practitioner using a hand held device with the laser pointed at the skin.

VBeam can be used to treat many skin conditions (see below). In rosacea, spider viens (telangiectasias) are targeted – these are tiny broken blood vessels beneath the skin. Spider veins contain haemoglobin – the protein found in red blood cells which contains the red pigment present in the blood.

Haemoglobin within the blood vessels is heated which causes the veins to collapse and fade in color. This reduces redness of the skin in the area affected by rosacea.

The rosacea symptoms of redness won't be completely eliminated but they can be reduced. The earlier rosacea is diagnosed and treated the better the results from laser treatment will be.

Laser treatment for rosacea usually requires only three to six sessions. In some cases only one or two may be required.

VBeam & Rosacea - Before and After Treatment

The images below show a reduction in redness following VBeam treatment on a patient with rosacea.

Pre VBeam Treatment

Pre Rosacea Treatment.

Post VBeam Treatment

Post rosacea treatment

Source: Dermatológico SkinLaser - SP, Brazil

VBeam can be used to treat a variety of skin related conditions, skin marks and blemishes

These include:

  • Acne & the pink and red marks caused by acne
  • Stretch Marks – v beam laser treatment effective only on new marks which are purple. Can be used on lighter skin types (I-III)
  • Birth Marks – including port wine stain birth marks
  • Hemangiomas – congenital (present at birth) benign tumors consisting of blood vessels. They usually cause a purple or reddish elevated area of skin.
  • Broken capillaries on the face
  • Venous lakes
  • Poikiloderma of Civatte – reddish-brown symmetric patches on the sides of the neck and the cheeks
  • Telangectasia – tiny broken blood vessels resulting red marks on the skin often a symptom of rosacea
  • Angiomas – benign tumors consisting of blood or lymph vessels