Glutamine As An Exercise & Sports Supplement

In addition to the many benefits of l-glutamine, glutamine can also bring benefits specific to those who exercise.

As a supplement l-glutamine is inexpensive and popular with many body builders, athletes and other people who exercise.

The benefits of l-glutamine supplements for exercise are marketed accordingly.

Glutamine supplements may:

  • prevent a fall in glutamine levels after exercise – leads to faster recovery with fewer aches and pains
  • maintain muscle mass – whilst dieting, cortisol, a steroid hormone is released.

Cortisol can:

  • break tissue down
  • reduce the synthesis of protein
  • help convert protein into glucose

By supplementing with glutamine, cortisol can use glutamine from the blood and not take it from the muscles.

Supplements Of Glutamine May Also:

  • stimulate muscle growth – a popular reason for trying this supplement by body builders and weight lifters; however no evidence at present to support this [3]
  • increase growth hormone levels
  • improve endurance
  • regulate protein syntheses – helps maintain muscle mass

Also, as an anti catabolic, glutamine may prevent the breakdown of muscle tissue during intense exercise & workouts. It may achieve this by increasing cell volume through water drawn into the muscle cells.

When cell volume increases, there is a reduction in the effectiveness of enzymes thought to break down muscle proteins. An increase in cell volume may also reduce the effects of stress hormones which are released in greater concentrations after exercise.

Glutamine Reviews & Testimonials

A glance at various reviews of glutamine on the internet indicate that glutamine as a supplement is generally well received. Given the number of benefits, it comes as no surprise that people using l-glutamine supplements give positive reviews and testimonials.

People taking glutamine for general exercise commented that it helps them maintain muscle mass and recuperate faster after workouts. One user commented that their legs quickly recovered after a cardiovascular workout.

Body builders comments are directed towards its ability to reduce DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness). Like an anesthetic, glutamine can reduce the pains and aches often experienced after a work out.

One user commented that recovery time decreased dramatically and that they were able to workout more frequently. A number of body builders were taking higher doses of glutamine; up to 20 grams a day. Another user mentioned they gained significant amounts of muscle mass.

L-glutamine supplements are also bought to aid digestion; it is a good remedy for heartburn which one person thought 'great for the intestinal tract'.

One user also commented that l-glutamine helped their immune system.

We unable to find any mention from users about the side effects of l-glutamine.

Glutamine Tips

Tips for glutamine supplements include taking it on an empty stomach for best absorbency, buying glutamine powders as they are more economical and to mix powders in plenty of water to ensure all the granules dissolve.

Some users find that it's generally tasteless (there may be a very slight hint of salt); mixing l-glutamine with fruit juice or protein drink will mask any taste there is.