Aker BioMarine™ Eco Harvesting Antarctic Krill

Adapted from copy by Aker BioMarine; a company which harvests Antarctic Krill.

In the far south, in the cold waters of the southern ocean, there is a tiny sea animal known as the Antarctic Krill. Krill are small shrimp like crustaceans. The Antarctic krill can be found in great abundance all around the Antarctic ice cap in the purest waters on earth.

Whilst the biomass of Antarctic krill is huge, commercially harvesting this abundant creature has proved difficult. Traditional trawling methods are unsuitable for krill. Krill are delicate creatures which contain potent digestive enzymes.

Once a krill dies, these enzymes quickly break down the krills body tissue, making the krill useless before they can be processed.

A New Technology For Harvesting Krill

Aker have developed a new technology for processing and harvesting the krill called Aker Eco Harvesting. Eco harvesting means that the fishing net stays under the water during the entire operation. Rather than heaving a trawl to get the catch on board, a conveyor hose is attached to the end of the net.

The equipment stays under water whilst a continuous stream of water flows through the hose, bringing the live krill directly into the ship. Aker's krill ship features a sophisticated processing plant which transforms the entire content of this superb quality raw material into high value products.

Commercial Uses Of Krill

Most of the catch is turned in to value krill meal and pure krill oil, which has the powerful antioxidant, axtaxanthin.

Efficient logistics are vital. Supply vessels offload products, bring fuel and replace the crew of the fishing grounds. The products are shipped to a hub in South America, and then distributed to the global market. This is only the beginning.

The toxin free krill meal, is ideally suited for aqua culture feed, and also serves as a natural coloring agent for red fish. The krill oil equally rich in antioxidants, phospholipids and omega-3 fatty acids has a long list of applications both within aqua culture and as human nutrition.

The pure pharma grade chemical extracts, have uses within the medical and pharmaceutical industries. The Aker Eco Harvesting technology can revolutionize commercial fisheries.

Advantages Of Eco Harvesting

Unwanted by catch can be practically eliminated. At the same time, previously unprofitable and unwanted species can be turned into much needed food resources.

We're only now seeing what will be a new era of sustainable and consistently profitable eco harvesting.

MegaRed Krill Oil contains krill oil harvested by Aker BioMarine.