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"Be temperate in wine, in eating, girls, and sloth; Or the Gout will seize you and plague you both"

Benjamin Franklin (1706-1790)

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JYY - ' I Cured My Gout'

'JYY' founder of describes how he managed to overcome his gout attacks after years of suffering from this condition.

Despite lack of success trying conventional medicine, visiting medical specialists including a podiatrist, two surgeons, a neurologist, and a rheumatologist JYY found a simple cure for his gout.

JYY noticed from past medical records that his urine pH levels had been low and acidic (pH 5.5).
Comparing past urine levels to present he found that his blood urine pH levels were still low and he set about raising them. JYY writes,

"So I alkalized myself by drinking 1/2 teaspoonful of baking soda in water, once during the day and once before I went to bed. On Day 2, the pain seemed to have subsided so I repeated the same treatment. When I woke up on Day 3, I sensed something very alien yet so familiar. "

JYY was able to breathe much easier, felt well-rested and the "ingrained worry of having to face another day of painful gout was not there any more".

Within a week, the symptoms of gout, tight and puffy toes, pain in the feet (Neuromas and Metatarsal Capsulitis/Bursitis) and the minor pain and stiffness in the joints all over the body were all improved.

JYY then 'tested' his cure, eating purine rich foods including organ meat, sausages, red meats, and a selection of shellfish.

None of these foods triggered further gout attacks. JYY can even enjoy red wine without fear of further gout attacks! JYY states that his cure (raising the bodies pH by taking baking soda), indicates that hyperuricemia is neither necessary nor sufficient for gout.

Derak's Gout Tips

My night attack first aid...

Cross the ankle of the offending foot over your other knee (sit cross legged) Lay back and stretch your crossed leg. Also, stretching the leg by standing on one foot and pulling the ankle up behind you helps too...


Get to the tub, lay down, and run a stream of warm water over your foot. Relax it and run the water hotter and hotter in a stream. You can shift from hot to cold quickly to shrink the swelling and numb the foot so you can sleep, but sometimes the heat is the best.

Do this during your morning shower to get a leg up on your work day as well.

Do NOT use hot Epson Salt soak! If you soak, use some vinegar or wrap with vinegar.

Long term

Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) works. The day I started drinking a few shots was the LAST night attack I had in a two week long string.

Second, and more importantly, cut down the COFFEE! I worked two jobs and drank about 3 Large 6 days a week for two weeks and got stiffer every day until the night attacks started.

I'm 26, and I forgot my uncle had gout and my dad had it for a year, so I wa bewildered what was wrong.

I cut coffee to 1 or two small cups for work and used orange juice or poweraid instead.

After about half a week, my toe and foot were normal size, just badly bruised. I have continued working 60-65 hr a week on my feet the entire time and yet my condition improves!

While you pursue these more long term solutions, keep the ibuprofen on hand, but that really didn't fix the swelling for me.

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