Compression Stocking & Sock Remover

The first of its kind, the Sock-eez compression stocking and sock remover makes removing compression socks much easier.

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Compression stocking application aids which help with the fitting of compression stockings have been available on the market for some time.

A new product has recently been launched which helps with compression sock removal.

Distributed by Sock-eez, this new compression sock remover is molded close to the shape of the lower rear leg and allows users to slip off their compression socks with ease.

The Sock-eez sock remover can ease the pain and frustration for people who have difficulties when removing their compression socks.

Compression Sock Remover

People who are unable to bend easily can benefit greatly from this product.

These may include people who are:

  • disabled
  • elderly
  • incapacitated
  • injured
  • pregnant
  • postoperative
  • and those with chronic back problems

An added benefit of Sock-eez is that it works equally well removing normal hosiery and sporting socks. This compression sock remover is ergonomically designed to be used with ease by anyone.

Sock-eez is made from a durable and flexible plastic.

Used properly, the smooth design will not cause harm to the legs or stocking. A versatile product, Sock-eez can be used to remove conventional socks as well as the highest grade compression socks.

This compression stocking and sock remover can also be used as a shoehorn. The sock remover can be used for other types of socks including, athletic socks, knee highs socks and traditional socks.

The Sock-eez compression stock is distributed by East Coast Innovative Concepts (