Sigvaris Compression Stockings

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Who Are Sigvaris?

With over 50 years experience, Sigvaris are experts in medical compression stockings.

This experience has led to the development of a special covered inlaid yarn which is made into a loop.

Sigvaris Compression Stocking Covered Yarn

Covered Yarn

The yarn is synthetic and elastic with different dosage pressure levels depending on the class of stocking required.

How are compression stockings made?

There are 6 stages in the Sigvaris compression stocking manufacturing process.

  1. Sewing A Sigvaris Stocking

    Sewing The

    Yarn Covering – the yarn is covered with a variety of natural or synthetic elastic fibers. The covering helps determine the strength & stretch properties of the stocking. Great care must be taken at this stage to ensure that the yarns stabilize and give consistent results. They are laid to rest for two weeks or more before the next stage, knitting.
  2. Knitting – Sigvaris compression stockings are knitted on purpose built circular machines under the watchful eye of an operator Cutting & Sewing – Sigvaris operators cut the material to shape and sew the stocking together using precision to ensure comfort and solidity of the product. This attention to detail enhances the durability of the stocking.
  3. Boarding – this process gives a uniform size across the stockings and helps eliminate any size variation between them. This ensures that a proper fitting (link) is achieved following measurement for the stocking. Without boarding there could be differences in the stockings compression pressure.
  4. Dyeing & Boarding – a four step process, washing, dyeing, pre-spinn & spinning, dyeing enables a variety of colors to be offered. The stockings are then boarded again to improve the hold of the color and to create a clean look.
  5. Packaging – stockings are placed into pairs, their labels sewn and then put into protective packaging.

The Sigvaris compression stockings are now complete.