Breast Cancer Logo & Jewelry

What does the pink ribbon stand for?

The breast cancer pink ribbon logo is the symbol people often recognize as being associated with breast cancer.

By wearing a pink ribbon, you can raise awareness of breast cancer.

In many cases a proportion of income generated from the sale of breast cancer jewelry and pink ribbons will be donated to a major breast cancer organization.

These organizations provide a number of services to people with breast cancer and their loved ones. They also conduct research into this disease and provide advocacy.

Breast Cancer Jewelry

Breast Cancer Jewelry

Breast cancer jewelry is a great way to show your support for those people battling with this disease and to support those affected by it.

Jewelry promoting breast cancer awareness may also be sold to raise charitable funds for breast cancer organizations.

There is a wide range of breast cancer jewelry available to suit all budgets. These include:

  • Necklaces
  • Pink Ribbon Earrings
  • Pink Ribbon Bracelets
  • Pink Ribbon & Guardian Angel pins
  • Spinning Rings
  • Toe Rings

In recent times, websites have been developed which sell breast cancer jewelry and other items which donate a significant proportion of their profit to charity.

In 2007 monies raised through The Breast Cancer Site ( went on to fund 3,349 mammograms.

Other projects funded through the sale of items such breast cancer jewelry include a collaboration with the Mayo Clinic to research a cure for breast cancer.