Spinal Health Week 2023

Thu 25th May - Wed 31st May 2023


Spinal Health Week, formerly known as National Chiropractic Care Week, is sponsored by the Chiropractors' Association of Australia (CAA).

This event raise awareness about spinal health & how poor posture can affect a persons life. This week is a chance to promote good posture which can prevent future health problems.

Spinal Health & The Nervous System

The spine covers and protects the spinal cord of the nervous system. The nervous system controls every cell, tissue and organ in the body. Poor posture can cause the spine to go out of its natural alignment, affecting the ability of the nervous system to control body functions.

If the spine is out of alignment, even just slightly, pressure may be put on the spinal nerve disrupting the nervous system. A study by Dr. Suh at the University of Colorado showed that a small pressure on the spinal nerve, as little as the weight of a dime, can reduce nerve function by 60 percent.

Effects Of Poor Posture Include:

  • Back Pain
  • Joint & Muscles Disorders
  • Spine Problems
  • Fatigue
  • Headache
  • Rounded Shoulders

Around 90% of people have poor posture; this could be caused by the way a person sits at work, does things at home, or carries things the wrong way.

Improving Posture

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An Active Spine Is A Healthy Spine

Good posture is crucial for optimal body function. Posture can directly health; improved posture can lead to better well being.

A healthy spine means a healthier life.

Todays technologies, in the form of home entertainment, mobile phones, computers and games consoles mean that more people than ever are adopting poor posture in favor of being active. Sitting for extended periods of time whilst slouched in a chair can affect our spinal health. Spinal Health Week encourages people to become more aware of their posture and to take regular exercise to prevent health problems later in life.

By maintaining good posture we can help prevent visits to a doctor or chiropractor. In many cases, good posture and regular exercise can also prevent the symptoms of preexisting spinal health conditions becoming worse.

Spinal Health Week Activities

Each year a theme is set for this awareness event which provides a focus for activities. For 2012, the theme is 'Posture in the workplace' which highlights the dangers from sitting for extended periods at a desk with poor posture. Previous themes have included 'Just Start Walking', 'What's Your Posture?' and 'Get Straight To Sleep'.

For more information visit the CAA's Spinal Health Week webpage.