National Public Health Week 2023

Mon 3rd Apr - Sun 9th Apr 2023

United States

National Public Health Week is a United States health awareness event backed by the American Public Health Association (APHA).

This event aims to highlight public health achievements and also improve the general health of the American people, by educating the public about various health issues and how they can live longer lives.

Around 2.5 billion work days are lost due to illness every year, with an estimated fall in productivity of $1 trillion. By improving the health of the nation, peoples lives will improve and the country will continue to prosper.

Through health education, health awareness campaigns can reduce the effects and consequences of many health conditions and diseases by preventing their onset or tackling any symptoms or issues early on.

The first National Public Health Week took place during 1995 and has seen increasing support over the years. The APHA, the primary organizer for the week, cannot achieve the goal of a healthier nation alone and requests support from others to get involved in raising awareness about various health issues across the United States.

Each year the event is sponsored by other organizations who offer support; people can also apply to become partners and hold their own awareness events throughout this week. Often, a new theme is set each year which may be announced during the autumn APHA annual meeting. For some years, a theme has been given which provides a clearly defined focus for the week (the 2011 campaign focused on accident prevention).

For other years, the themes are more generic and partners who hold events are given suggestions as to what health issues they might raise awareness for.

'Join The Movement' is the slogan of the 2012 campaign in which people are encouraged to become partners and actively involved in supporting this week.

Suggested themes for 2012 National Public Health Week include communicable diseases, reproductive and sexual health, mental and emotional well-being and active and healthy living.

Previous years themes include:

  • 2011: 'Safety Is No Accident' - the focus was on injury prevention
  • 2010: 'A Healthier America: One Community At A Time' - focussed on encouraging people to improve the health in their community. The thinking behind theme, was that if each community took part, a ripple effect would be created, raising the overall health of people in America.
  • 2009: 'Building The Foundation For America' - general campaign to improve the health of the nation

Each year a unique set of resources is provided for people and organizations who wish to get involved and promote the given years health message.

There is a dedicated website for National Public Health Week ( which features resources including a NPHW Toolkit, brochures, logos and printable information people can use for their events.

Coverage of NPHW extends to students. In 2011, a student webinar was held so people could find out more about APHA's Student Assembly and their activities related to students. National Health Week events may include a road tour in which relevant speakers give talks about the weeks theme at various venues throughout the United States.

For more information on NPHW visit the official website or blog.