National Physiotherapy Month 2023



This Event Begins In 148 Days Time

Also known as physical therapy, physiotherapy is used by healthcare professionals to promote healing and well being through massage and manipulation of the body.

National Physiotherapy Month promotes the physiotherapy profession, making people aware of its benefits. These benefits include increased:

  • mobility
  • endurance
  • confidence
  • independence


  • are university educated health professionals.
  • assess, diagnose and treat to restore an optimum level of function.
  • care for patients with a range of ailments.
  • work in hospitals, home care, schools, private clinics, long term care facilities, community-based clinics, and primary care networks.

Physiotherapy often plays a role when people recover from injuries to the limbs including bones fractures. Physiotherapy can help people find their flexibility and power by increasing their strength.

For more information, visit the Ontario National Physiotherapy Month webpage.

Coverage Canada
Month May
Duration 1 Month
Date May 2023
Days To Event 148 Days
Organization Canadian Physiotherapy Association
How Is Date Set?  Fixed: Same Month Each Year