National Cancer Research Month 2023


United States

Excerpts from a speech given by Alaska Senator Lisa Murkowski during 2008, the first year National Cancer Research was recognized, summarize what this month is about.

"We're all touched by cancer as evidenced by the more than 10 million cancer survivors living in the US. Cancer research plays an important role in saving lives and advancing progress against the more than 200 diseases that we call cancer. In 2008 Congress became united in a bipartisan show of support to recognize the month of May as National Cancer Month."
"What better time than now to recommit ourselves to the fight against cancer? We're living in an age of progress and with continued support scientists can continue to keep working to save lives."
"About 2650 Alaska residents were diagnosed with cancer in 2008 and about 810 will die from the disease.

With nearly 11 million dollars in funding from the National Institute of Health, scientists in our back yard are working on lessening the impact from the burden of cancer on our great state and across the country."