Huntington's Disease Awareness Month 2023


United States

Supported by the Huntington's Disease Society Of America (HDSA), Huntington's Disease Awareness Month helps educate people about Huntington's Disease.

Huntington's Disease is a genetic, neuro degenerative disease in which the brain loses neurons causing both mental and physical deterioration.

Huntington's is a progressive disease and symptoms can vary between individuals. Early symptoms are often reduced coordination and an unsteady gait. Symptoms can progress to cognitive decline, behavioral and psychiatric problems.

Raising Awareness

The Huntington's Disease Society Of America have a number of ways to reach out and help make people aware about this disease. This organization produces print and TV public service announcements which feature the actor Peter Jacobsen, and the actress Olivia Wilde from 'House'.

The HDSA runs an 'In Your Genes Workplace Program'. They also promote advocacy through their 'Huntington's Disease Parity Act Program'. The Parity Act program aims to motivate people to support a bill which makes it easier for those with Huntington's Disease to receive Medicare and Social Security Disability Benefits.